Climate Week at the Heinrich Böll Gymnasium

  During the climate week at HBG, there were some offers on the subject of climate change, such as a short film on the current climate situation that was adapted for different yeargroups.

  There was also a climate exhibition, which included a small quiz and offered tips on how to act yourself. In addition, there were climate bands on which one could write ideas, wishes and hopes for climate protection addressed to the government.

  During the Climate Week, former student Josefine Weiß agreed to give a lecture on her experience and her research on the Polarstern, a research ship in the Arctic. Her presentation showed the massive consequences that humans have caused in terms of climate change and plastic waste. A student from Bonn gave a lecture on the climate crisis on the plate, i.e. regarding our consumption of food. She gave a lot of information about animal husbandry and agriculture. The climate week was organized by HBG-For-Future who were actively supported by Schools-For-Future, Science-For-Future, Parents-For-Future and Students-For-Future.