Aeshnina Indonesia

Aeshnina Azzahra, 12 years old, from Bangun
(from the east of the island Java, Indonesia) lives
in a country full of plastic. They get a lot of plastic
trash from industrialized countries like Germany,
USA, Spain and France. Often it's illegal because
there is plastic trash in paper trash. To stop that
she writes letters to the governments of different
countries and collects signatures.

After school, she collects plastic trash at beaches
and rivers. For example, she found an identity card
from a German woman. There she also found
dead fish and investigated them. Aeshnina and
a biologist cut the fish and found microplastic in his
stomach, but toxic things of the microplastic are
everywhere in its body.

They separate the plastics that can still be used
and sell them, so they recycle and this way they
earn a living. The recycling process needs a lot of
water and energy. To recycle one bottle you have
to use 17 l of water.