- Coral reefs are dying → almost half of the
biggest coral reef of the world has died
- heat from climate change goes into the sea
-Fish are diyng
- Cole mines produce tons of Co²
- many adults deny climate change because they
work in the coal mines
-children are called crazy because they believe in
the existence of the climate crisis
- without coal mines there are fewer jobs and
therefore less income
- 90% of coal is transported accross the sea
- 500 coal carriers per year

About a girl from Australia, Abigail

Abigail is a eleven years old girl from Australia.
She is one of the only children in Australia who
believes in climate change. She is part of a group
who protests for action against the climate crisis,
they want to stop coal mining because the coal
mines churn out tons of Co² every day.

She loves swimming in the sea and it breaks her heart that
the climate change make so many coral reefs to
die. She is trying to convince some of her
classmates, but most of the children’s parents
work in coal mining, which means they would
lose their job if the coal mines are closed. She is
convinced that every one can do something
against the climate change.