Climate Change Greenland

Our text is about the climate change and a story of a woman in
Greenland. It is one of the northernmost countries in the world and
had around 56,400 inhabitants in 2020. With an area of over
2 million square kilometers, Greenland is about 6 times the size of
Germany. The effects of climate change are mainly reflected in the
decline of glaciers and, as a result, the rise in sea levels

The Inuit Ane Sofie Lauritzen and her husband have 29 sled dogs
for tourist tours. This is a tradition carried out by your ancestors
for thousands of years.
As a result of climate change, not only is their habitat melting
away, there is also a risk of losing their source of income. It used
to snow here very early in the year and this snow stayed for a very
long time. Today, however, the snow is no longer a matter of
course due to strong weather changes and too warm weather, and
as a result the snow dogs lack important training time that has to
be made up for when they should actually be doing tourist tours.
However, the exposed ground also offers a new industry, the
mining of valuable minerals. This creates new jobs, but at the
same time it promotes climate change, which leads to global
warming. Because of these problems, Ane sofie Lauritzen is also
against the mines in order to keep the Greenlandic landscape as
long as possible