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Ecological Footprint Test


Question 1:

Global warming is based on a temperature increase of less than one degree celsius since the last century.

Question 2:

On average, people in Europe consume twice as much energy as people in Asia.

Question 3:

Although food with meat is not good for the climate, other sectors such as transport still emit many more harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Question 4:

To produce one kilocalorie from beef, you need 10 kilocalories from grain?

Question 5:

Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases now, it would still take 50 years for the climate to stabilize at pre-industrial levels.

Question 6:

If global, man-made emissions are not stopped immediately, up to a sixth of all animal species will become extinct.

Question 7:

Total global aviation is responsible for only 2% of global CO2 emissions.

Question 8:

The rise in sea level has already caused entire islands to sink into the sea.

Question 9:

Even small steps can make a big difference: By swichting from conventional electricity to green electricity, d.e electricity that was produced without fossil fuels, half of the CO2 emissions can be saved.