Impacts of climate change:
- Climate change is a serious threat
- Sea level will rise even faster
- Increase in storms surges
→ floods


- The Maldives are known for their clear water and coral reef
- Seagrass is important for the climate
- Shaha Hashem is a Maldivian ocean conservationist
- she is working on drawing attention to the seaweed
- She examines the seaweed
- Seaweed is an effective carbon store
- Seagrass is important for the islands
- They bind the sand and prevent erosio
- Shaha was previously told that seaweed is
- Many remove the seaweed
- Shaha swayed a lot of people
- The island where she lives (Laamu Atoll) now offers seaweed education services such as snorkeling tours for tourists


- less CO2 emissions
- coral reef
- Breakwater, can grow with you
- Global warming must be stopped
- Industrial nations